Thursday, December 16, 2010

Stuffing the Stockings

Here's a list of 10 ideas of what you can fill your kid's stockings with...usually my last piece of Christmas shopping! 

Books... (a few favorites and recommendations from my Mom the kindergarten teacher)
1.  My 18 month old walks around with this book in hand most of the day.  A must have for every children's library! ($6, Target and
2.  This book is so sweet and fun to read even to the tiny newborns.  ($8,

3.  The Magic Tree House series is great for both boys and girls ages 6-8 (early chapter book level, $7 for the first four books,
4.  The Rainbow Fairies series is popular among little girls 6-8 ($4 per book,

5.  The Leapfrog DVD's are great for preschoolers in learning the alphabet, early reading and math skills.  If you're going to get just one, get the Letter Factory...they are frequently at Costco for $6 each but you can order from for $10 each or a set of 3 for about $25.

 6.  The Scholastic Storybook Collection is a great price at Costco right now...$50 for 100 stories on DVD.  It's great to also have the book out and follow along with the DVD.  Even in the book order it's usually about $80.

Other fun ideas...
 7.  The Disney figurine sets are so cute and you can open and wrap each individual toy to make the gift giving last longer (without having to buy more!) ($12.50, Disney Store)

8.  Give a date with your kids!  Buy a certificate to McDonalds (or their favorite place) along with two movie tickets.  Plan a date with just the two of you.

9.  Make a CD of your family's favorite music and give it to everyone.

10.  Use their stocking as an opportunity to replace all the necessities...sippy cups, toothbrushes, toothpaste, socks, bows etc.  While they may not shout for joy at these things, you'll be spending money on worthwhile things instead of little junk toys you'll throw away in a few days!

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