Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Packed away for next year...

Time to say goodbye to all the red and green in our homes!  Here are a few tips to make it organized and ready to be put back up next year! 

#1 - Organize decorations by each room in your house.  On the outside of your bins write which room it belongs in.  Next year you can decorate room by room as you have time!   

#2 - (Thanks to Lisa for this one!)  Take a picture of the set-up of your decorations before you take them down and tape the picture somewhere to your storage bin.  If you loved the way you displayed certain items, this will help you to replicate the same design for next year!

#3 - Gallon sized Ziplock bags work great for keeping like ornaments together...especially those with glitter to keep everything else in your bin from becoming sparkly!  I wrap fragile ornaments in one piece of tissue paper before placing in the bags to give a little extra cushion.

#4 - We all know now is a great time to buy Christmas items for next year!  If there's something you wanted to do this year but didn't want to spend the money, start looking for those items now!  One great idea is to let your kids decorate a small tree in their rooms.  The little aspen trees are usually at least 50 percent off now along with cute ornaments and picks.  You can have it ready as a December 1st Christmas surprise for them! 

#5 - Make a Christmas card memory book!  I always keep one of our Christmas cards to put in a memory book.  I've kept it simple and just mount our card on cardstock and will buy a nice photo binder to put them in.  What a fun tradition to pull this out as the years go by!  If you don't write a Christmas letter you can also write bullet points on these pages of the fun things that happened each year.

Now take some of your gift money and fill your Christmas void with a fun new decoration!

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