Friday, December 10, 2010

Easy Recipes for the Perfect Holiday Party

When hosting a party, it is always tough deciding what to serve.  Here are some quick recipes for your holiday party.

Little Smokies: Buy the Hillshire Farms Little Smokies, place in crockpot with bbq sauce, and heat.  Use toothpicks to serve!

Shrimp Dip: Mix one container of sour cream with one can of crushed shrimp (Make sure to drain the liquid and rinse in water.)  Add 2 tbsp of Worchestire, 2 tbsp lemon pepper, garlic and onion salt to taste.  Serve with Ruffles.

Meatballs:  Costco sells great meatballs.  Lindsay has a fabulous recipe that she'll be posting for New Year's Eve.

Main Dish:
Ham: I buy a honey ham at Costco and serve it cold with rolls. 

CranApple Sparkle: Mix one jug Ocean Spray CranApple with one 2-liter of Sprite.  Place in large punch bowl with frozen ice ring.  (If you have a Jello mold, simply fill it with water, freeze, and you have the perfect ice ring!)

Hope you have a great holiday party!  Don't forget that the perfect way to end your party is by playing "Christmas Tree!"  It is a fabulous way to spice up your gift exchange this year.  Check Monday's post.

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