Thursday, December 2, 2010

Front porch decor continued...

Earlier this year we bought black rocking chairs from Lowes ($88 each) and they have been a great addition to our empty porch.  I also found a small black table from Home Again for around $30 to go in between them.  This is how it turned out for Christmas...

I had the Santa already and purchased the white metal tree ($10, 50% off) and metal star ($6, 50% off) at Rod they are doing their 50% off one Christmas item sale this week again.  The glass vase was $1 at Dollar Tree and the ornaments are from Ikea ($2.50 for a set of 18). 

I was going to find Christmas pillows for the chairs but decided to tie wreaths to them instead!  This is the $7 simple wreath from Roberts layered with a candle ring from Hobby Lobby.  When layering smaller wreaths, all you have to do is press it into the wreath as far as you can and intertwine some of the branches together.  I didn't use any adhesive and they've stayed together great! 

The last piece of our outdoor decor hasn't been put up yet...but will be out by this weekend.  These are swags I made last year that hang from the garage lights.  Unfortunately I didn't see the plain swags at TaiPan this year, but maybe they have them now.  I bought the swag for $15, ornaments for $5 (set of two large), and the picks and ribbon from TaiPan.  It's quite a heavy decoration and takes some heavy duty wire to hang them, but they look great on either side of my garage door.  I did see decorated swags  for $25 at Costco which is a pretty good deal.  They are unique and add something different to your lights! 

I enjoy driving around seeing how everyone else decorates their homes for Christmas!  It's such a great time of year!


  1. Ah, my comment just erased. WELL, in case it posts twice sorry, BUT just have to tell you these are all way too cute. I totally love the wreaths, I think they are my favorite. I saw the same candle rings at Hobby Lobby and now wish I bought them :) but how you intertwined them into other wreaths, with cute ribbon, on the black chairs, they totally pop and look great. All of it looks super! It's too bad all of this great cute stuff can't stay up longer than just this month...

  2. I agree with Jodi. The wreaths on your black chairs look so great. I love that you thought outside of the box and used candle rings to layer inside the wreaths. Love it!