Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Breanna's House

For the last three weeks, we've been working on redoing this space:

Here's the before pictures of Breanna's family room and kitchen.  They had great bones and just needed sparkle added through accessorizing.

Here's the finished product!  We absolutely love the mantel.  We found this fabric that Breanna loved, so I made it into artwork by building a frame and stretching the fabric over it!  It was the perfect statement for the room.  The mantel decor came together beautifully with a little help from all of our favorite home decor stores.  The drapes were just what the room needed to bring it all together.   I got a screaming deal on the fabric from fabric.com.  It was 110" fabric, so I only needed three yards to do all three windows.  (I only paid $43!)

Forget Me Not had the darling floating frames and prints.  I found those on my way to meet with Breanna for the first time and knew that those were our jumping off point.  I made her new pillows with coordintaing fabrics that tied all the rooms together.

In the kitchen, we updated the top of the cabinets with whiteware and glass vignettes.  We added hints of greenery, and the turquoise mirror to tie in the new kitchen curtain.

Thanks to TaiPan and our own resourcefulness, we created a whole new look for under $90.

It was such a joy doing Breanna's space.  The mantel is definitely our favorite statement in the room.  If your space is in need of updating, contact us!  We'd love to help you come home to a room like this!

Friday, June 8, 2012

A Tween Room to Scream for

Last week, Kallee and I decorated our friend Karri's girls room.  She had purchased the bedding and many of the accessories, but needed help putting it all together.  Enter Kallee and I to do some magic.  We bought the circle mirror and layered the initial on top.  We added the ribbon and made it the perfect statement above each girl's bed.

In the bathroom, we added the ribbons and the cute queen crown.

Our favorite touch was the floating frame wall.  We got all of them from Hobby Lobby.  Isn't it perfect with the turquoise wall?

Love how we accessorized the top of the dresser.

 This dresser was Karri's as a girl.  We just added accessories on top and added the "sconces" on either side of the mirror.  They were from Hobby Lobby and added such great sparkle to the room.

Karri had this side table and mirror and wanted to incorporate it somehow.  She had all of the accessories in other parts of her house.  We just gathered and grouped them in new ways.  Look around your house.  You don't always have to buy new things.  Repurpose!!

We loved this little layered statement.  It was a metal flower wall hanging from Hobby Lobby.  We just layered it on one of the white floating frames.  This is a super easy design technique and makes such a bigger impact.  Love layering!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A Sacred Space for Grandmother

Last week, I had the pleasure of redoing Grandmother Kelley's room.  She had been in the hospital after a heart attack, and told Shaun she wanted me to come in and completely change her room.  Although she passed away before she could see it, Shaun still wanted me to finish it.  It was an honor to do so, and I could feel her spirit in the room when I revealed it to Shaun.  Here it is.

The quilt is a vintage one from Grandmother's house.  I took it with me to Home Fabrics and found four coordinating fabrics that worked perfectly.  I made the quilted shams, the throw pillows, and new drapes.  I added new artwork from Hobby Lobby.  The center picture was premade.  The side pics I put together with mats, prints, and frames.

I loved accessorizing her room.  This is one of my favorite groupings.  I love these vintage frames from TaiPan, and can't wait to put a picture of Grandmother in it.

This is my favorite grouping in the room.  The lamp was absolutely perfect and the one Grandmother liked best.  I made the floral arrangement for $14.  I loved the larger vintage frame, the clock, and the little birds.  I know it she would have loved it.

The curtain fabric was the perfect choice for this shabby chic room.  I found the metal signs at Rod Works.  They were such a great shape, color, and had the perfect message.

I love how the room came together and that Shaun loved it.  We stood in the room the night Grandmother died just talking about her.  In the quiet, Shaun whispered to me how much she missed her mother.  We hugged with tears streaming down our faces feeling Grandmother's spirit with us.  It truly is a sacred space.