Monday, April 23, 2012

Addition to the Entry...

I found this white rustic entry table a few months ago at Osmond Design and loved it...and really wanted it for my front entry.  I figure its the perfect place to decorate for the "smaller" holidays where you don't have a lot of decor but just want to add a touch to your home.

Lisa helped me add to the lantern I bought from Taipan ($13 with my 25 percent off coupon!) I really love how it turned out.  Again the burlap and script ribbon is from the Emporium at Thanksgiving Point.  I found the cute little bird nest at Hobby Lobby...2 for $2.

This is my favorite accessory at Taipan right now.  $6.97!  They have a few different options of the "artichoke". 

It was fun to add a new welcome to people when they come to my house!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Little Bit of Ribbon

The newly bedazzled birdcage inspired me to change the ribbon in Khloe's room.  I bought it all at The Emporium at Thanksgiving Point.  They have such great ribbon!  I love the turquoise with the green and cream layered.  The small jar is simply cream ribbon with a skinny pink layered on top.

I loved this ribbon.  Simply tie a bow and then tie the bow a second time to get the four-looped look.

I bunched the scraps of the other ribbons in the center of this bow.  It makes such a big difference for very little money!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Another Use

I had to share some pictures of other uses for the cute tags I posted about last week.  I found some different ribbon to add from The Emporium.  I love how this one turned out.

Adding it to my wreaths added just a splash of color and whimsy!  I loved the script ribbon I found at The Emporium.

I created this one for a bird cage in Khloe's room.  I LOVE it! 

I moved the birdcage from another spot on the shelf to the center because I love how the tag brought it to life.  This is such an easy project to make yourself.  I'll help anyone:)

Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Bit of Spring

After re-doing my kitchen decor, I wanted something new for my table centerpiece.  As I am all about trays right now, I put together this little number this week.  I found everything at TaiPan.  The tray was $4.  It had an ugly screened image of a fish on the bottom, so I just lined the tray with burlap.  (Try to look past something you don't like and think of a way to fix it.) The pitchers were $5, $3, $2, and I love them used as a group.  The book was $7, finial was $7, bottle $5, and the little print was $3.  I loved the bright pink tulips for $6, as it was just the pop of color I was looking for.  Trays don't have to be expensive and can add a great touch to any room!  TaiPan has great items right now for under $10.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Happy Pinning

I love Pinterest and found a cute idea for a board here.  I wanted a place in my office where I could pin fabric swatches, magazine pages, design ideas, etc.  This was the perfect project.  I bought a package of cork tiles from Hobby Lobby.  They were $9.99, but I used my 40% off coupon.  Then I bought a piece of foam backed board to attach them to.  To begin, I taped off my design.  I would have liked it better if I would have taped the center of the middle square.  Then I painted the exposed cork.  Since I didn't love the center painted, I simply flipped the tiles around to make a chevron design.

Here's the finished product.  I hot glued picture hangers to the back to attach to the wall.  I love it and the inspiration it gives me when I swivel around in my desk chair!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Little Bling

So I saw this in the Thanksgiving Point mailer yesterday and fell in love with it.  Armed with the picture, I headed to Hobby Lobby to get materials to recreate it!

The flower was on clearance for $2.  I paired it with a $.37 paper mache egg.  I bought two different colors of burlap (1/3 yard for $1.33).  I layered the greenish burlap in a mound gluing the layers.  Then I did layers of book pages and glued on the flower and egg. 

Then I glued two layers of grosgrain ribbon bows on the cream burlap and tied a piece of jute around it.  On the back, I put a little bundle of sticks ($4 for the large bundle from Hobby Lobby) and tied it with the jute.

The jeweled letter B was on clearance for $2.  I stuck it in the middle and glued it on the back to the burlap.  Then I simply tied the whole thing with the jute to the bird cage.  I love it.  It was super easy and was inexpensive.  TaiPan has cheap birdcages right now.

I love how it took my birdcage from boring to "blingtastic!"