Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Little Bling

So I saw this in the Thanksgiving Point mailer yesterday and fell in love with it.  Armed with the picture, I headed to Hobby Lobby to get materials to recreate it!

The flower was on clearance for $2.  I paired it with a $.37 paper mache egg.  I bought two different colors of burlap (1/3 yard for $1.33).  I layered the greenish burlap in a mound gluing the layers.  Then I did layers of book pages and glued on the flower and egg. 

Then I glued two layers of grosgrain ribbon bows on the cream burlap and tied a piece of jute around it.  On the back, I put a little bundle of sticks ($4 for the large bundle from Hobby Lobby) and tied it with the jute.

The jeweled letter B was on clearance for $2.  I stuck it in the middle and glued it on the back to the burlap.  Then I simply tied the whole thing with the jute to the bird cage.  I love it.  It was super easy and was inexpensive.  TaiPan has cheap birdcages right now.

I love how it took my birdcage from boring to "blingtastic!"

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