Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Decluttering for the new year

Lisa gave me a subscription to Better Homes and Gardens magazine and I love it!  It's only $5.99 for a year...highly recommend it!  This month included an article on 25 ways to declutter your home for the new year (pg. 39 if you have a copy).  Lisa and I picked our five favorite tips to share with you and here are mine...

"A system that's a natural extension of your habits is easier to stick with than one that forces dramatic change.  So set up solutions right where clutter collects, such as a labeled pail for each family member's shoes and other equipment."

Photo courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens Magazine
  I am a huge fan of wicker baskets.  They look good and can also serve a very functional purpose.  Put one at the bottom of your stairs or near an area that often gets cluttered with "stuff".  It's an easy way to quickly gather everything and put it in it's right place! 

"Create a repair center for clothes that need mending, toys that need batteries, things that need gluing.  That way, unusable items aren't in general circulation, and you know where to look when you have time to tackle a project." 

"Relegating a sentimental item you no longer have use for to a box in the closet, basement, or attic does nothing to honor it.  Instead, take a photo of the item and put it in a scrapbook or load it on your digital picture frame.  Then donate the item.  It's both space-saving and respectful."

"Each spring and fall, do CPR on your closet:  Categorize, Purge, and Rearrange.  Carefully consider each item.  If it doesn't make you feel wonderful or look fabulous, it's a no.  Put it in the "to donate" box, and put that box in your car right away."

"If you're having trouble letting go of clutter, whether it's too many things in your house or too many commitments eating up your time, think about what it requires you to sacrifice.  Less stuff means less to organize and less money spent.  Fewer activities means less running around and more family time."  

 I also thought I'd share one organizational tip of my own.  For the longest time I had a cluttered mess of pens, phone books, papers, etc. overflowing in a larger cabinet space.  I decided to dedicate one drawer in my kitchen for these things and get rid of the rest.  It really has made such a difference! 

Organization makes me so happy.  Make a commitment in 2011 to live a more organized life and I promise it will make a positive impact on everything you do!

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