Tuesday, December 14, 2010

garland banister revamped

I grew up with my Mom wrapping our banister with garland and lights which I now do in my own home.  A few years ago I decided to hang ornaments from it as well and really like the color it adds...

Bulbs from Walmart and Hobby Lobby are inexpensive and they both have great colors and designs to choose from.  Just hang with clear fishing wire and tie to the top of your banister.  A few other items that would work great to add to the banister include kids ornaments they've made for you at school, small framed pictures of your family from past Christmases or tie bows of different sizes and ribbons throughout. 

If you've never been a big decorator at Christmastime and would like to start, your banister is the perfect place.  It really adds alot to your home and isn't too expensive (again, garland is $4 for a 9 foot piece at Walmart, white lights $2.50 for a 100 count strand and bulbs are $5 for 18).

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