Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Making that Special Gift

If you can't think what to give that person in your life that has everything or is SUPER hard to buy for, consider making him/her a personalized gift this year using:  Avery's Light Fabric Transfers.
They are simple to use and turn out great.

I used them to make my own vintage hot cocoa bags for Davy's work party.  Simply find an image that you like, place the Avery 3271 sheet facedown in your printer and print the image.  Next, cut out your image and find your fabric, whether it be a t-shirt, fabric bag, etc.  Using a hot iron, iron the paper side of the Avery image onto your fabric.  (Detailed instructions are included and are very easy).  After 40 seconds of ironing and 2 mins of setting time, peel off the paper, and voila: you have your image!  You could frame your favorite image, sew it for a pillow, ornament, etc.  I used muslin and sewed the bags in about 3 mins!  This is a great project and a great idea for that last minute gift!  You can buy the Avery Fabric Transfer paper at Walmart on the office supply aisle for $7.

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