Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Setting the Table for the Perfect Holiday Party

 My Christmas table is my favorite of the entire year.  I got the placemats, chargers, and goblets at TaiPan for about $2 a piece.  I used my own red and white plates. 

 The berries came from TaiPan for about $6 a tube.  (They are twice the price at Rod Works.)  I use three tubes for my table.  The silver branches came as a two-dimensional tree from TaiPan.  I hated how it looked, so I cut it apart and put it in a tall vase that I already had.  I love how it is now three-dimensional and adds a bit of whimsy to the table.

I got the green balls from Rod Works for about $3 each.  I love the color and texture.  You can't go wrong with layering lots of texture and patterns to your holiday table.

I made the wreaths for about $4.  I bought the wreaths and berries at Roberts.  Tying them to each chair just adds the extra touch I was looking for.  Again, you can buy premade wreaths at TaiPan for about $7, but with a little hot glue and time, you can make your own for less!  Stay tuned for Friday's post about hosting the perfect party this Christmas.  Don't forget to check Monday's post for the perfect game to play at your holiday parties!


  1. Question-Your table always looks so cute all decorated. Do you just take it down every night for meals? I would love to have my table set like this, but moving it all at least 2 times a day would be a pain.

  2. We usually eat our nightly meals at the bar, thus why I can set it like this!

  3. I agree with Kelly. Looks so cute BUT I have an Addy at my house that would NEVER leave it alone. It looks so it!