Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tissue Paper Balls

Tissue paper balls are super easy to make for any room decoration, baby shower, etc.  Choose your color and purchase two packages of tissue paper.  The ones with 8 or 9 sheets per package work best.

Lay the tissue paper out on the cupboard and make sure edges are even.  If you want to make a large ball, leave the size as it appears.  For a smaller ball, cut off 3-4 inches from one of the ends.
Begin folding a 1 1/2 inch accordian fold, using a ruler to crease the edge.
Continue the accordian fold, creasing the edge each time.
Once you have the entire piece folded, take thin gauge floral wire and secure around the middle of the paper.
Fold in half, and cut the excess wire.
Attach your ribbon to the floral wire, with the knot of the ribbon on the top edge.
Trim the flat ends in a point.  You'll have to cut a few of the the points at a time.
Fan out one of the accordian folds.
Carefully, begin to peel each layer of tissue paper back towards you.
Continue with each subsequent paper until you've pulled half of the sheets toward you; flip it around and do the other half the same way.
Once you've completed one side of the ball, lay it on the table, fan out the other end and repeat just as you did above.
Here is the finished product.  Continue to fluff the paper to hide the ribbon and get the spacing you want.
These are darling decorations for any girl's room.  I made two of different colors and shapes for my niece's bedroom that I decorated last year for Christmas.
They add a dramatic accent to the room and great dimension.  Hope this tutorial helps you create your own!

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