Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A New Chandelier

If any of you are like me, you have a builder's grade light fixture over your dining room table.  While it provides ample light, it is not at all attractive.  I am ready to replace mine with one with more pizzaz.  So get ready to cast your vote for your favorite.  I have a simple chandelier category and an ornamental.  Please vote for your favorite from each group.  Once the votes are tallied, I will purchase the winner and unveil the before and after. 

Simple Option #1:

Simple Option #2 

Ornamental Option #1

Ornamental Option #2

Ornamental Option #3 (Without the shades):

Can't wait to see what your favorites are!  Happy voting!


  1. My votes...simple option #2 and ornamental option #3. It's going to look fabulous!

  2. I love the ornamental option #3, but they all are great.

  3. I like ornamental #2 cant wait to see

  4. i love ornamental option #3 or simple option #2. all of them are darling though!

  5. I like simple#2/ornamental#3. That's awesome that you will pick what WE choose...!! :) What is your favorite??

    Incidentally, I have the Ikea one just like simple#2 and I really like that it is simple and I can hang seasonal decor from it if I want... but the ornamental#3 one is beautiful and a statement piece and you could likely take the beads off if you get sick of them or wanted to change things up. Can't wait to see the final result!! :) How fun to include us, thanks!

  6. Ornamental #2 is my favorite! :)

  7. Simple #2/ornamental #3. Can't wait to see the end result:-)