Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I decorated Peyton's room (my four year old) two years ago when he was moved from the nursery to make way for Chayce.  He was really into cars and anything with wheels so that's what we themed the room around.

Osmond Design has great pieces of furniture and are reasonably priced.  We skipped the toddler bed as I didn't want an extra piece of furniture laying around in a few years.  I don't spend very much at Pottery Barn, but did purchase his quilt and sham on clearance.   

We added beadboard and a shelf to one wall and painted the top part navy blue which added alot to the room.  Here shortly I'll add a beadboard tutorial...

These darling prints came from art.com and were around $8 each.  Frames are from Rod Works and were about $12 each. 

Hobby Lobby has a great selection of vintage cars, motorcycles and trains.

I fell in love with this airplane artwork the minute I saw it!  Unfortunately I went on a wild goose chase trying to find one!  I lucked out by posting an ad on KSL looking for one.  A lady let me know she had seen one in a back room at Osmond Design...sure enough it was there! 

Hobby Lobby also has cute metal signs and frequently put them 50 percent off.

IKEA sells end tables for $8 and they make great kids tables as well!  The chair was the pricier item at $20.

Kids bedrooms are the perfect place to let their interests and little personalities shine!    


  1. So cute! Is the bed from Osmond Designs? I've been looking for a bed like that for Cannon's room.

  2. Hey Debbie! Yes it is from Osmond. They only had a white one at their store but ordered the black for us. I've also seen one similar at the Quilt Shop in Draper. Hope you are doing great!