Thursday, March 24, 2011

Home Tour...Stunning Stephanie Style

Stephanie is a friend of both Lisa and I.  She is such a talented woman with one of them being her amazing taste for interior design.  Thanks for letting us peek into your home Steph!

The entry table...LOVE the feel of spring in her home.  She created her own mini atriums with glass jars, small topiaries, eggs and moss.  They are so great!

Steph was the lucky winner of the Gatehouse gift certificate drawing and bought this darling bird cage there

Love the eggs!  Also from Gatehouse...and she found this awesome moss product that comes in a sheet for about $3.  She cut them in half and used them throughout her decor on the entry table...great idea!

Love the clock wall in the entry...

So I admit I am no professional photographer, but I try :)  Sorry about the lighting, but love her family room space.  It's hard to see here, but I am going to follow up with a post about her amazing banners!  They are darling and I promise you'll want to make one for your house when you see it up close :)

Beautiful cabinet from Osmond Design

Great idea to fill the sconce with Easter decor!

Steph recently redid her room and found this bed set at Bed Bath and Beyond...beautiful choice!

Great find at Finders Keepers in American Fork...if you are ever looking for unique, antiqued, painted furniture, head there!  They have amazing things!

Steph has two beautiful girls Hallie and Maddy.  They recently got a "tween" room makeover and it is darling! 

Hobby Lobby chandelier

She found this dress form in the basement area of Rod Works in a green color.  They spray painted it pink, added glitter and ribbon to make it a darling wall accent.  Sometimes you have to look for an item's potential rather than face value :)

Hobby Lobby has great wall decor!

Cute idea to frame around vinyl wall art! 


Mr. Jack lives in this room.  Love the colored chairs on each side of the crib! 

How nice to have a comfy leather chair in the nursery!  She found this Pottery Barn rug on KSL for much less than what it was in the store...but it was being sold in Texas!  She convinced the guy to ship it to her for an extra cost...but still paid much less than retail!  It pays to shop the classifieds!

One of my favorite features in her home is the wood floor in the nursery.  It adds such a richness and warm feel to the room.  Great idea!

I love antiqued doors and love how she's used it in her unique!

A few accents in the kitchen...

What a great use for the cake stand :)

And last but not least her little chairs on the front porch are so darling!  Love them!

What a welcoming, beautiful home Steph! 


  1. It all looks great- of course. Easter underneath a cake stand really is cute. The door on the wall must have been hard to mount!
    I felt relaxed looking at the burnt colored candles.
    And I really like the pink frame aroud the dark chandelier. So tween!

  2. Now I really want to know more about the banner. I couldn't find a post on it. One of you will have to explain next time I see you.