Thursday, March 10, 2011

Beautiful home Taylor style

My amazing friend Stephanie let me come take pictures of her home to share.  They built it about four years ago and it has so many awesome features...her decorating taste is beautiful too!

The great room off the front door.  Love the fireplace!

These are my favorite architectural feature in her home...these pillars surround their family room area and I love them!  Beautiful mix of wood and stone and love the light!

Steph found this table at the Emporium at Thanksgiving Point.  A great addition to her family room.

Their home has great woodwork throughout. 

Another purchase from the Emporium.  I love the antiqued blue-green amazing!

Sometimes accessories are worth paying more for...she found these for her dining room table at Hamilton Park (up near Fashion Place mall).  When it's a decoration that you'll have up year round, pay a little more for something unique and beautiful!

Steph has two darling girls and a sweet little boy (with another boy on the way!)  Her nursery is very versatile for either gender and is so nice!  Our friend Jessica Lewis sewed her bedding for the busseled bed skirt!

She found the white iron hanger from Finders Keepers in American Fork...great touch!

Steph is great at finding amazing things at TJ Maxx.  That's where the frame came from that was sold for three times as much at Dear Lizzy!  The door knobs were from Roberts.

These shelves are from Hobby Lobby and work well in many spaces (I have them in my bedroom!)  On sale they are only $15 or so...also love the accessories! 

I tested Steph's brain on where she bought certain things...this frame is so beautiful!  She couldn't remember which consignment store it's from for sure though :)  Shelf is from Quilted Bear.

She recently found this rug for her little boy's bathroom at TJ Maxx in St. George.  If you're ever down there, make a stop!  It's a huge store and always has great things! 

Another detail I love in her home is the beadboard on the ceiling!  This is something I'd love to add to my home unique!

Here's the princess palace!  I love the little halls leading to the bedrooms.  Off to the left is their bathroom. 

Steph ordered these cute wrought iron beds online (couldn't remember's been awhile!)  Darling quilts came from the Quilt Shop. 

  Also love their nightstand.  It's from Sweet Briar Hollow.

A beautiful home where a beautiful family lives!  Thanks for sharing Steph!

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