Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Paper decor

I have a lot of cute scrapbook paper sitting in my basement because I don't do it anymore.  Here's a way to get use out of that paper just sitting around!

First I thought I'd share a great site that provides lots of darling fonts for free!  Visit to see them all and to download.  They provide instructions on how to save them to your computer here.  We use one of their fonts on our's called Monster Paparazzi (thanks for showing it to me Melissa!) 

So I've seen these made for Halloween and Christmas but thought it would add a cute decoration for summer!  All you do is print a word with a bold font (I used "Jailbird Jenna" from the site mentioned above) in the center of the page, cut to fit the size of frame you have (making sure you keep the word centered according to the size), give character to the egdes and frame! 

 I love to "rough up" the edges of any paper project I'm doing.  I just take my stamp pad (almost always the chocolate brown color) and rub the edges of the paper, scraping more of the ink around the corners.  I love the look it gives!

This helps to bring in the seasons to your decorations!  It would also be a cute addition to a collage wall using words that mean something to your family!

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