Thursday, November 3, 2011

Repurposed Christmas Decor

Even if your tree is full or you don't need to buy one more thing for your Christmas set-up, still take a chance to peruse the Christmas aisles to add a little something to a spot in you home throughout the year!  I've been looking for a little sparkle for the baby's room and the Christmas aisles were the perfect place to look! 
This pick was at Taipan for $6.99.  It was one long piece and I just unraveled it and stuck the smaller pieces in the vase.  

I forgot to share earlier but Taipan had their apothecary jars SO cheap a little while ago.  I got this one for $5!  Hope you found the deal too!  To fill it I bought the long strand of silver beads at Hobby Lobby 40 percent off for $3.50.  In the wedding aisle they also have packages of small diamonds and other sparkly embellishments...the box I bought was around $3 with the 40 percent off coupon.

These were my favorite Christmas find.  Hobby Lobby has these darling miniature frames to put on your Christmas tree.  Again they were 40 percent off so I think they turned out to be about $2 each.  Fill them with cute scrapbook paper and no one would know you bought them in the Christmas aisle!  (They would look really cute on a Christmas tree too though!)  This is one of my favorite things in her room and I'm excited to share the finished piece! (Pardon the flash in the picture :)

It's definitely not too early to say Happy Holidays now!  Hope your fun plans for this time of the year are well under way!

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