Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Jackie's House-Day One

My friend Jackie has champagne taste and makes it on a Diet Coke budget!  Let's start with this drum pendant lamp.  She found this shade at DownEast and made it work with an old pendant lamp.

Don't you want to sit and relax here?

This table lamp was black, so she just painted it to fit her room. 

Love this simple grouping on her mantel.  Groups of 3 always work.

Love her minimalist design aesthetic.

Love her picture wall with the letter "c" for her last name.

So here is the best find in Jackie's house.  If you've been looking for a sunburst mirror, you've noticed they can be pretty pricey.  Jackie made her own using bamboo skewers, a $5 circle mirror and a round wooden disc from Hobby Lobby.  The mirror is one that you put candles on, so it was super cheap.  She sharpened the ends of the skewers, glued them to the back of the disc, sprayed it all pewter and glued on the mirror.  Amazing $10 project.  Thanks for the inspiration Jackie!


  1. Love it, and so admire inexpensive DIY projects that look professional!

  2. How fun to see some of Jackie's home! I'm so impressed with the sunburst mirror - I've been looking for one and they're $200! To make one for $10 is genius. Now if only I could find a Hobby Lobby out here...
    Thanks for the great ideas, and your house is lovely Jackie!