Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Painted Furniture

While I'm sure many of us would love to purchase new sets of furniture every 8-10 years it's usually just not possible...but repainting it is!  I've found a few people who do great work refinishing furniture at very reasonable prices and April is one of them.  Our friend Kallee had these tables that she wanted a new look for...

and look at the beautiful results!

These pictures (and a full post on the refinish) can be found on April's blog, thepaintedcupboard.blogspot.com.  She really does great work and has reasonable prices.  It's fun to see what people are able to do with unique pieces they find.  I wish I had the painting patience...I just don't! 

I'm hoping to get our crib repainted white in time for baby girl.  Our first little boy used it as his teething toy and it could use a new look.  We'll see...

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