Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Fabric wheels

I decided to make the fabric wheels for baby girl's room...they are very easy!  I used a tutorial found on  Here's my step by step instructions as well.
Embroidery mine at Hobby Lobby...the largest at 10" was $1.39 and the smallest at 2" was $.79  I did 10 at various sizes. least an inch wider on each side from the size of your embroidery hoop. (I went to the Fabric Mill in Orem).
Elmer's craft glue


Place embroidery hoop on the best part of the fabric (ironing before is a good idea!)  Put fabric through hoop and pull along each side so it's tight.  (You don't need this much fabric on each side...I had just placed it on my full piece.)

If needed, trim fabric around hoop leaving about an inch around (if you have less it still works).  Place glue around inside rim of hoop and fold fabric over.

Trim fabric to leave a short edge around the inside.

And you're done!  All 10 took me about 45 minutes.  Super easy and adds great color to any room!

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