Thursday, October 27, 2011


Lisa has a sick little sweetheart...I'm pinch hitting today to give my ode to Pinterest.  People were saying how fun it is to go on and look around and I tried so hard to stay away from yet another time grabber...needless to say I'm addicted now!  Hopefully I'll just stop looking on Facebook and spend time on Pinterest instead :)

So I thought I'd share three ideas I found there that I'm excited to try...and give my two cents about making on this blog soon!

I fell in LOVE with this wall.  I've seen these fabric swatches made from embroidery hoops all over Pinterest, but her wall made me want to find a place in baby girl's room somewhere...and I think I have.  Kate is a frontrunner name for us too and I'm loving it written on the wall :)  This girl's tutuorial is here...she has a darling blog. 

Courtesy of

Love these and I just so happen to have about five drawer fronts and ten cabinet doors laying around my garage.  I'm actually willing to sell them to people ($5 for a drawer front and $12 for a cabinet door).  Let me know if you are interested.  Hobby Lobby has been doing their knobs and pulls 50 percent off a lot lately so I'm sure for about $10 tops you could do one of these (a little more if you are using cabinet doors).  Again she has a great blog too. 

Courtesy of

 And finally I also really loved this.  It's something I won't be able to do until after she's born (as we usually don't name our children until we are leaving the hospital!)  But I really love it.  I also found tutorials on how to mount your pictures on canvas (instead of paying $50 for one 8x10) that I am going to try when I have her newborns back.  This girl sells them on Etsy if you are in the mood to buy :)

Courtesy of Letterperfectdesigns on Etsy
Good luck if you get the Pinterest bug too...I've learned to watch the clock and keep it to 15 minutes! 


  1. The "kate wall" is by far my favorite. Maybe it is because I can envision this cute idea in my own Kate's room. I don't think it is exclusive to a nursery. I could see this in playful colors in a toy room or in any age child's room. So cute. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks so much for featuring our embroidery hoop post on Blissfully Smitten! :) We'd love to have you follow along for more of the same. I hope your daughter is feeling better. ;)

  3. i think some of these will be making an appearance in baby boy's room. I also saw another different and really cool way to use them. it was in an office and the hoops were covered with maps. i thought it was so cute!