Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My version of the IKEA shelf leg...

Lisa and I rant and rave about our finds at IKEA and so far they haven't disappointed...until an item you want badly goes on back order and who knows if they'll ever get it in again!  I checked and checked to no avail.  So one day Lisa and I went into the store and saw the same thing in the wrong color.  Of course Lisa tells me to fix my problem and just buy the black and paint them.  My lazy pregnant attitude doesn't want to, but in the end I know my frustration will be gone.  And I'm so glad I did because I think it turned out better than the original plan!  So...nothing a few strokes of paint can't fix!
Their shelves are very reasonably priced...$4 each for the legs and $7 for the shelf.  Here they are in the wrong black color...

I spray painted them white first to make the painting process easier.

I used the same paint color we painted Peyton's bed (Martha Stewart Hydrangea).  It's a nice tie in with the furniture.

And voila!  All done!

Free black lantern from my Grandpa's work bench, letter P (Hobby Lobby, $3) and bike ( Hobby Lobby, $12)

Repurposed baseball (originally from Roberts), repurposed white frame (IKEA, $10), metal jack (Hobby Lobby, $7) and marble jar (IKEA, $5, marbles $4 and free from Mom)

So the whole project including the shelf cost $56!  To decorate a whole wall that's a pretty great price!  I love to find new uses for existing decorations and also make great finds at little or no cost!  Very happy with the end results and Peyton's room is getting closer to being done!

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