Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Upon a Shelf

 This is the shelf that adorns Khloe's beadboard wall in her room.  Davy built it for about $30 with supplies from Lowe's.  We bought an 8"x12' piece of wood and glued a 1" x12' piece of trim to the front.  Then we used decorative wooden corbels to hold the shelf in place.  Between each corbel, we placed a chunky chair rail to finish off the top of the beadboard.   We placed the shelf about 18" from the ceiling and did the beadboard up to plate rail height.  It is a great statement piece for that side of the room.

 To decorate the shelf, I created miniature vignettes with my favorite pictures of Khloe.  I got the silver frames from Ikea for around $6 each.  The pink ceramic vase came from Tai Pan.  The glass vases also came from Tai Pan and the darling ribbon from the Emporium at Thanksgiving Point.

 When I was on bedrest in the hospital, my sweet friends decorated Khloe's nursery and added some great touches.  Lindsay found the big letter K at The Emporium and simply Hodgepodged scrapbook paper to the front.  She also made the big wooden frame by buying an unfinished frame from Roberts antiquing it and adding the flower.  The little pink glass jar also came from Ikea for $5.  I love to display photography of my kids in their bedrooms and this shelf provides the perfect spot to show my favorites.

Lastly, our dear friend Kallee found the darling pink vase from Finders Keepers.  If you haven't been there, you must go.  It is on Main Street in AF and has some great items.  The pink ballet slippers donated by one of my favorite YW of all time adds the perfect touch. 

We completed this shelf and beadboard wall in a weekend.  With a little work, and the help of a mitre saw, you can create a similar look in one of your bedrooms.

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