Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Basement job 3...Electric work

Boxing and wiring the basement for electricity is the next step after framing.  Making sure you have plenty of light in a basement is important...nothing is worse than a dark, drab space!  We decided to go with canned lighting for most of our basement.  Two of the bedrooms will have light fixtures but otherwise it's canned lights!  This is what they look like before the drywall gets put up!

There are a certain number of outlets you have to install for each room to meet code.  Each room also has to have a smoke detector and each floor has to have a carbon monoxide detector.  The electrician will install boxes that look like this...

...wherever light switches, outlets and smoke detectors go.  With the way televisions are today, its also smart to plan out where you will hang flat screen TV's and have outlets installed wherever they'll be.  It prevents lots of wires hanging down your walls! 

We were fortunate to have a friend help us with our electric work.  It's nice to have connections with people who live closeby and are willing to come help!  

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