Monday, February 7, 2011

Fun Find...Scrapbook Substitute

I used to be a scrapbooker...until I found other things I liked to spend my free time doing (which is much less these days!)  I am impressed with the talent some ladies have for it, but I just decided its not for me anymore.  However, I love to have our pictures around to look at instead of hidden on my hard drive.  So I bought the Costco photo albums and love them!

They fit about 400 photos so you can get six months to a year's worth of pictures in one depending on how great of a photographer you are!  They also come with a coupon for 50-100 free 4x6 prints so at $20 for two albums it's a great deal!

I also like that I can write a few things about the pictures. 

I've given these as gifts to grandparents and organized their stacks of grandkid pictures lying around which has been a big hit!

If you're overwhelmed with a large pile of pictures to scrapbook, make your life easier and put them in a nice album for family and friends to look at and enjoy!  The book with the most recent pictures makes a great coffee table piece! 

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  1. A gift including the organization of the photos was sure to be a big hit.

    I also found myself having to move to a quicker "insert and go" method with all of my kids' books.