Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Best Toy Bin

 IKEA sells the best toy storage bin for the amazing price of $39.99.  It is the Expedit book shelf, and it comes in white, natural, and brn-black.  It is so well made and easy to assemble.  I've put together three, so that tells you it's easy and worth the price.  The top is a great space to display decor to tie in with any room.  They also sell a variety of bins.  These black fabric bins are $5 and also come in light blue and pink. 

They hold a ton of toys.  My OCD nature calls for organized bins.  I keep all of the Little People, superhero toys, cars, ponies, etc in their own bins.  It makes for easy clean-up and easy to find the toys later.  Also, Porter and Khloe know which bins are which so they can find their toys and help clean-up.  I have three of these toy bins in my house and recommend them to anyone to help control the toy clutter in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

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  1. They know what goes in which bin?! Now that's awesome. Thanks for posting. I love organizational ideas and less clutter too!!