Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Basement Job 4...Plumbing

So I know these aren't the most glamorous posts, but you have to get through the dirty work for the beautiful results right!  And hopefully this information will be helpful for people who want to be their own general contractor!  Here pretty soon the basement posts will be a little more exciting to look at (not that plumbing and electric aren't fascinating though right!) 

The plumber can come around the same time as the electrician for any work that needs to be done.  We have a small bathroom we are finishing with the standard tub, toilet and sink.  We hired Austin Headrick (801-209-4879) and recommend him!

The first phase in finishing a bathroom is called a "rough in".  I can't list all the specifics, but they get everything ready to be hooked up.  The tub is also installed at this point. 

It only took Austin a couple of hours to get everything done.  Once we've finished the rest of the bathroom he'll come back and install the toilet and vanity.

We also had him run hoses for a soft water unit.  If you ever have plans to install one, it's best to have it done while you are finishing the basement.  Even if you don't plan to buy one immediately, it's ready to go when you do!

McKay and I are working on the insulation right now!  Info about that to come!  (PS...we passed our first inspection with only a few quick things to fix!)

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  1. This is all so fascinating. I just had no idea what it all takes to do a basement, so I love witnessing someone else through the process. How exciting that things are coming along. Yeah for a basement!! We'll have to come have a play party when it's all done. :) Thanks for sharing.