Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Basement job 5...Insulation

Insulation is the one basement project that can easily be done on your own.  I can't claim that I helped much, but my handy husband finished in a few evenings (about 6-7 hours total work). 

Our basement already had insulation lining the top half of the walls which we were able to reuse for part of the space.  We spent about $80 to finish, along with the cost of plastic sheeting (which they call the "vapor barrier").  All the project requires is fitting insulation snuggly between each stud and using a staple gun to secure the plastic cover.  Not too bad!

We wanted to create more of a sound barrier for the basement so we chose to insulate a big part of the ceiling as well.  It ended up costing about $250, but we hope it will be well worth it! 

Tomorrow I'll talk about our drywall and texturing!  Talk about instantly creating bedrooms!  It's a fun transformation and helps to visualize what the final space will look like!

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