Monday, January 3, 2011

$5 Instant Clean Update

If you're like me and have lived in your house longer than 5 years, it is hard at times to keep your house looking like new.  My fun find for today is an inexpensive update that will make one of the most important seats in the house instantly brand new!

 For $5, you can purchase a brand new toilet seat from Target and have an instant update that is super easy!

 To remove the existing seat, unscrew the lid from the underside of the toilet.  There are bolts on both sides.  Once it is removed, clean the entire top of the bowl.

 Open your new lid and pop open the bracket covers.

 Position the new seat and thread the bolts through the holes.  Use a flat head screwdriver to hold bolt in place while you,

 tighten the wing nut from the underside of the toilet.

Repeat on other side and push down the screw covers.  Say goodbye to that grime that can't be scrubbed off and hello to your brand new throne!  The cheapest update I've found yet!

On another note, this month's drawing is for a $25 Gift Certificate to Real Deals.  Remember, to be entered into the drawing, make sure you are a follower.  In addition, for every comment you make or follower you bring to our blog, you get an additional entry.

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