Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Basement Job #1...Heating

Framing and heating are the first two jobs to tackle when finishing a basement.  One framer who came suggested we get the heating done first in case there were any extra "runs" that needed to be framed around.  So we had our heating done first.

***The biggest savings when sub-contracting the jobs out yourself is when you receive multiple bids from different contractors.  This will make sure you receive the lowest price possible.  We are getting three bids for each job which gives a pretty good range and options to choose from. 

We decided to go with Holmes Heating and Air in Lehi (801-768-4151).  They had the lowest price and have already been to our house to do most of their work. 

The size of your basement will determine whether or not  you will need a seperate heating unit.  Ours is about 1200 square feet and we are able to use one furnace to heat the whole house.

Each room has a heat "run" which moves the air to that particular space.  Usually bedrooms have at least one run and larger rooms such as a family room have two.  They also install a "return" which takes the cold air out to filter the warmer air in.  Typically the heating professionals will also install the vent for your bathroom.  "Registers", or the plates that go over your finished vents, should come in the price of your bid.

Our basement needed a total of six runs, one return and a bathroom vent.  How nice it will be to have a nice, warm, cozy basement!  

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