Thursday, January 27, 2011

Basement project 2...Framing

It's fun to see walls put up!  It makes the project feel real!  We hired Kevin Madsen (801-850-7839) to frame our basement and were very happy with his work.  He came when he said he would and listened and carried out on all of our requests.  I recommend him!

A few things to think through before framing...

*Exact dimensions on all rooms and walls
*Space for closets
*Shelving for storage rooms

Anywhere you want drywall to go has to be framed out.  I didn't know this, but all exterior cement walls have to be framed out as well.  I've learned alot about construction in this process! 

We decided to utelize as much space as possible for storage.  We made one large bedroom four feet smaller and created a small bathroom instead of ultra-large for another storage space.  Kevin framed out all three of our storage spaces which will help to keep us very organized! 

The city asked me to make sure our framer properly built the areas with "firestops".  I won't go into the explanation for what that is, but it's something you'll want your framer to know to pass code! 

We're making great progress!

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  1. Wow, you guys have been busy! Your blog is so much fun, thanks for the inspiration!