Thursday, January 6, 2011

Decorating after Christmas

This year, we finally got our fireplace.  I loved how it turned out with the built-ins and glass tiles.  I also loved how it looked decorated for Christmas.   So when it was time to take down Christmas and decorate it for every day, I had my work cut out for me.

Needless to say, I am so happy with how it turned out!

Here were my key expenditures:  I bought the topiaries at Taipan this week with the 20% off one item coupon.  Although they were expensive at $55 each, they were worth it as they will be up all year long.  They are real dried boxwood and give great height next to the tv.  The rest of the decor items came from Rod Works.  I got the clock when they were doing the 12 days of Christmas and had 35% off.  All of the other items totaled about $60.  The ceramic bowl and balls in it were something I already had; I just moved their location.  Don't be afraid to look around your house and repurpose an item elsewhere.  I got all of the items over a two week period.  I left the tags on, so that I could look at them for a while to make sure that I loved how it all came together.  As I cut the tags off yesterday, I'm sure you know the answer.


  1. I love your fireplace. We are planning on doing a glass tile backsplash ourselves in our kitchen. Looks great!

  2. That looks SO nice! So glad you could have your fireplace finally just in time for Christmas. Love the decorations, the glass tile, built ins, and I really love the moulding around the sides/top of the TV to accentuate the whole feature. Very very nice.

  3. We had been hearing about the fireplace for a long time from Porter so it's fun to see it. It looks great-fireplaces are so fun and make the whole room feel warm and cozy! It looks great!

  4. WOW!! It turned out so amazing. I think the corner was definitely the right place to put it. We have one fabulous brother-in-law that can get it done. Can't wait to come and watch something on the tele and play a game. Oh wait, you get to come and see us first!!!

  5. Who did your built-in's for you?

    It looks really great! I love how you used the corner space to anchor your room.


  6. Marlo,
    My brother-in-law did our fireplace. He does great work!