Thursday, January 13, 2011

Building permit...

If you are finishing a space, its smart to get a permit from the city, and required beyond finishing so much square feet (I'm sorry I don't have the exact number for you...)  We received our permit from the city and our floor plan now looks like this:

They give you all the specifications you need to meet to pass building codes.  If you don't have a general contractor, this is very important information to follow because if the jobs aren't done to code, the sub contractors have to go back and redo them...and you are the one that has to account to the city.

Our permit cost about $500 and cost will vary depending on the size of your space and what will be built into the space.  This includes four inspections...

After framing, electric, heating and plumbing
After insulation
After sheetrock
Final inspection

Our framing starts tomorrow so a post about that will be coming soon!

**I will share a final finished cost of our basement at the end so you can see what you might expect to pay for yours!

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