Thursday, October 21, 2010

A twist on candy corn and ornaments

Our friend Kallee brought us this cute idea from her sister Ashley.  I love that it's so unique! 


Styrofoam wreath ($8 at Roberts, around $5 with 40 percent coupon)
Black duct tape
Two bags of candy corn
Hot glue gun

Wrap wreath completely with duct tape.  Hot glue candy corns in alternating directions (clockwise, then counterclockwise).  (It's easier to start in the middle and work your way out instead of starting on the edges...then you know the most noticeable rows are straight and even!)

Finish with ribbon and you've got a festive Halloween wreath!  Thanks so much for sharing Ashley!

My friend Stephanie made these darling Halloween ornaments with some friends in her neighborhood...I love them!


White, silver and orange glass ball ornaments
Ribbon in different colors and textures (could include twine, raffia and tulle)
Variety of fabrics cut in 10X10 squares
Thin wire and cutters (Roberts sells thin floral wire that works well for this!)
*Most of the supplies shown in the pictures came from Jo-Ann's fabric

Wrap the ornament in the fabric (keeping the silver top on).  Tighten a piece of wire (6-7" long) around the bottom of the silver topper (tight enough so it won't slip off).  Trim the fabric above the wire to desired length (keeping some short and some long makes for a cute effect).  For the main piece of ribbon, you'll want a thicker, longer piece wrapped around first.  Then adorn with different ribbons, tulle etc.!

Tie a skinny ribbon through the silver topper and hang from door knobs, Halloween trees or your chandelier!  Thanks for sharing Steph!

 PS...I received the Tai Pan 50 percent off coupon in email format today...if you'd like me to forward it, please leave your email in a comment! 

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  1. :) THANKS!!! Somebody was telling me about that candy corn wreath (but no pic)... I love how it turned out!! And the ornaments are super cute too. Still loving reading, thanks again ladies.