Monday, October 4, 2010

Room on the Broom

I'll admit I stick to fall decor from September to November and have never been much of a Halloween decorator.  Now that I have kids old enough to understand I guess its time to join the festivities.  I've started small this year and hope to hit the after-Halloween sales to pick up a few more things.  For now, our witches corner will do...
My fun find of the week was a simple witches broom from Tai Pan Trading for $4.  I added a few embellishments for under $10 (boo sign $4 and spiderweb ornament $3 from Tai Pan, ribbon $1 a yard at Rod Works). 

Combined with a few witch accessories (hat $4, small broom $3 and sign $7 from Tai Pan), we've got our first Halloween corner.

Also, here's something fun you can read to your kids this Halloween...

My Mom is a kindergarten teacher and expert with children's literature.  She recommended this darling book to share with my boys and they love it.  You can buy it on Amazon for about $6.

Now to explain future gift card drawings...

We hope you will enjoy stopping by our site often and we want to reward our faithful visitors.  Drawings will be held at the end of each month.  For October, we want to bring on lots of new followers!  Recommend our site to friends and tell them to become a follower.  For every person you tell and who joins, leave a comment with your name first, theirs second.  Both you and that person will receive an entry into the drawing (in addition to your name already added to the drawing for being a follower!) 

Happy Halloween decoration hunting!

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  1. Love the book...we read it today. Cute corner-I'm not much of a Halloween decor person either! Looks good