Friday, October 29, 2010

Hosting Your Own Spooktacular Halloween Party

 Every year, I host a little party for my kids and their friends.  Halloween with toddlers is a ball.  I am the token witch.  We start off with "witches brew", rootbeer and dry ice. 

 The pinata is always the last activity and the most fun.  If you've never done a pinata, go to Partyland and get one.  Porter had to have Dracula.  Thankfully, they had one.

 Walmart and Target have great cheap decorations for all of your needs.

 Black plastic sheeting from Lowes, rope, a ladder, and black garbage bags made the perfect tunnel for our little spooks to come through to enter the party.

 I found a bunch of old barn wood to make the signs.

 The spider balance beam was a great addition this year.  I bought cement blocks from Lowes (1.39 ea) and a 2x6x8.  I found great spiders at TaiPan for around $3 and used a bunch of black spider rings.  The kids loved walking across it.

 This was my favorite activity this year.  I did three jars, one with grapes for "Evil Eyes", one with bags of pudding for "Wounded Hearts", and one with spaghetti for "Scattered Brains."  I blindfolded the kids and had them reach their hands in and try to guess what they were.  It was great.  I got the jars at Walmart for $3.49, covered with felt, cut a hole in the top and tied with twine.

 My neighbor Alisa came up with this great "spider" craft.

 For this year's treat, we made Frankenstein cupcakes.
 My fun find was Wilton color spray.  It is like spray paint for cakes.  It was $1.79 at Walmart.

This was the take home treat for each kiddo.  Bugles make the perfect fingernails.  Thanks to my husband for asking the guy at Rubios for a dozen food handlers gloves.  Our party was a huge hit.  I hope this inspires you to host your own.  Check out the October issue of Parents magazine for more ideas.

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  1. Looks like fun! I bet you'll be remembered as the lady that always had the cool Halloween parties in the neighborhood! :)