Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Power of Three

 I love grouping objects in threes.  Not only in threes, but in varying heights and sizes.  Take this grouping for example.  I love how the two pumpkins are similar but vary in height and size.  The witch is the perfect to fit between the two and add a different size and dimension.  When looking for objects to group together for any vignette, put them together at the store.  I find a space on the floor and start arranging.  That way I know before I leave the store if I like it.  All three of these came from Rod Works.  (Here's a little secret: The Rod Works in Draper is hardly ever busy and has a great selection.  It's located at
12200 South 726 East
(Dillman Square)
Here's another example of a group of three.  I like this one as the pumpkin and sign tie together nicely.  I threw in the little sign to hide the sign holder and found that even though it's very small, it works with the set. 

 This grouping is actually five, but again the odd number of objects looks better on the table.

I also like to use a traditional object, like this candle stick, in a non-traditional way.  Instead of placing a candle on top, I placed the skull on top of the glass bead garland.  I got all three from Rod Works; the skull is made of metal and was only $4.95. 

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