Thursday, October 14, 2010

Pillows, Pillows, Where Can I Find a Pillow?

 It took me six years to find pillows for the couches in my front room.  You're never going to believe where these finally came from: Walmart.  I know, you wouldn't think that Walmart could have such darling pillows.  Well, they do and for only $10-14 a pillow.  The two above are from their Better Homes and Gardens line.  I love the difference in texture and pattern and how they compliment each other.  They are absolutely my favorite.  Walmart in AF has a huge selection of pillows in every range of color.  Pillows are an inexpensive way to update any decor and transform the look of a room instantly.

 These two also came from Walmart.  I like that they are both quilted but in a differing pattern.  They compliment the pattern perfectly.  When purchasing pillows to accompany a pattern, make sure to take a swatch of fabric with you, so that you can match in the store.

 I found this Halloween pillow at TaiPan and it works great on this bench.

 Don't be afraid to mix shades of one color.  For example, the light green of the solid pillow works fine with the darker green and brown in the other. 

Ikea is also a great place for pillows as you buy the pillow case and insert separately.  The light green cover was $7 and the insert $6.  The tan pillow with the horizontal detailing adds a nice dimension without having to add pattern.  It came from Big Lots for $5.

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