Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Pottery Barn on a Budget

Lisa and I have flipped through the pages of Pottery Barn magazine for years admiring the beautifully laid out pages and hoping one day our homes would look just like it.  With disposable money it probably would...but we feel why spend the big bucks when it can look just as nice for much less!   

This is a picture of a table setting I really liked in their catalog...

Photo courtesy of Pottery Barn catalog
Leaf plate...$10, dipping bowls...$6, set of four white dinner plates...$48, twig charger...$16, place mats...$8, for a grand total of $88 (which you times by four at least to decorate your whole table!)

Here's my version of the fall dinner plate...

Leaf plate...$3 (Walmart), fall pick...$1 (Jo-Ann's), dinner plate (set of 18)...$15 (Ikea), white distressed charger...$3 (Tai Pan), place mat...$2 (Walmart), for a grand total of $24!

I must say IKEA is the place to go for so many different items, but this was a great find...$15!  And they  have this set in a variety of colors.

Last time Lisa and I were at Tai Pan we saw a beautiful spray tied to the back of a dining room chair.  Unfortunately each one was $20.  As we wandered through the store I found some cute picks for $3 each...and Lisa had the great idea to just use them to tie to my chairs!  I really like how they turned out.

My table is now set for a Thanksgiving feast...oh how yummy it will be!

I will say I still love to receive the Pottery Barn catalog in the mail and find much inspiration from its pages.  Occasionally I even splurge and purchase something I LOVE and know I won't find anywhere else.  You too can get a free catalog in the mail by visiting here.


  1. I LOVE IKEA!!! my friend has those plates love them!! she has some aqua turquoise ones and i want them so bad!!! kb isn't a real fan of ikea though so i gotta work him in. miss you!

  2. Are the plates plastic, ceramic???