Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Decorating with Halloween's Past

Pull out old Halloween photos, buy a few cheap frames and you've got a festive display that brings back great memories!  It's a fun way to revisit what your kids (and maybe you!) have dressed up as in years past.

 The black frames were $2.50 each from Walmart and the cute Halloween one was $5 from Target.

I forgot I had a few Halloween decorations laying around in the basement so I pulled them out to add to my table.  Otherwise I think it works to just add a few Halloween photos to any space in your extras needed! 
 A fun tradition we do with my in-laws is the giant pumpkin carving/photo shoot the week before Halloween.  If you can get your hands on an over-sized pumpkin and have a baby, take the opportunity to snap a few photos.  They turn out SO cute!

On a different note...I love candles but unfortunately my favorites are at least $15 each....until now!  Walmart sells a great fall candle with three scents for $4.  Nothing better than the smells of fall in your home!

1 comment:

  1. Love that Halloween frame. Looks like I need to go to Target ASAP(:
    I also love that wrought Iron piece/wreath combo. Beautiful!!
    Great work you crafty ladies!!