Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Love my new curtains

So here are my new curtains from World Market.  I purchased them at 20% off plus a $10 off purchase, and got them for $50.  The stripe ties in perfectly with my color scheme.

I got a new double rod from Lowes and textured sheers from Bed Bath and Beyond.  Using my two coupons with the sale price, I only paid $20 for the sheers!  I can't believe what a difference the curtains make in the room.  They were a relatively inexpensive upgrade and so worth it!  Thank you World Market for the inspiration!

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  1. Guess you got more than you bargained for because your new curtains are amazing! Not only are they in harmony with your theme, they also give the option of how much light you can permit to enter the room. Insulation and privacy is a curtain's main objective, and your new ones obviously provide that.

    Roxie Tenner @ Windo Treatments Philadelphia