Monday, May 23, 2011

Flower Pots

So last year, I wanted to do large flower pots on both sides of my garage door.  When I saw how expensive large planters were at the nursery and Lowes, I almost changed my mind.  Thankfully, IKEA exists.  I found these large terracotta planters for $5.99.

I didn't like the terracotta, so I painted them black.

 Then I filled the bottom third with pea gravel for drainage.

Fill with potting soil (I love Miracle Grow) leaving about 4 inches at the top.

Starting with a spike in the center, arrange your plants from the center out, varying heights and colors.  I chose zinnias, fuschia, potato vine, petunias, verbena, and creeping jenny for my pots.  Once I get the look I want, then I fill in the rest of the space with the potting soil.  Doing it this way, saves time digging holes and creates a compact look.

Here's the finished product.  I am all about symmetry with my pots, so . . .

here's the second one.  Hope this inspires you that large flower pots can be done inexpensively.  Tune in tomorrow, for some great ideas for planting large flower beds.

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