Tuesday, May 24, 2011

An Array of Color

I love lots of variety and quantity of flowers in my main bed.  My favorites are zinnias, dahlias, geraniums, salvia, vinca, begonias, potato vine, coleus, and a few well placed petunias.  I probably planted over 100 flowers in this bed.  The secret to easy planting is to start farthest back with your tallest flowers.  Lay out the plants in the pattern that you would like then just dig the holes and plant each subsequent "row:.  I say "row" because you don't have to have everything perfectly.  I like to plant about 5 inches in between each flower.  I will use Miracle Grow every three weeks, and if the sun ever decides to shine, my flowers will be full and lush before I know it.  Lowes has a great assortment of beautiful flowers.  I bought mine there and love their product!

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