Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree!

I'm sure many of you have your trees up already...but if you are still in the market and looking for something new, here's a few ideas!

We bought our tree a few years ago from TaiPan with the 25 percent off coupon they offer before Thanksgiving.  We paid around $250 for a 12 foot pre-lit tree which is a pretty good deal!

 I love the vintage Santas.  You can find them at most home decor stores for $15 to $30.  I have a few in my tree and they add so much character.  I use clear fishing wire and loop it around the head and feet and tie it to a secure branch on the tree.  Mine have always stayed put! 
 Don't be afraid to add larger, signature pieces to your tree!  I found these sleds for $5 each the year we bought our tree and I love them!  I also have mini wreaths, stockings and mittens on my tree.  Especially if you have a tall tree, larger items take up space and create areas to decorate around.

 Use oranaments of different shape, size and texture to add dimension to your tree.  Hobby Lobby has great prices on ornaments and lots of different ones to choose from.  That's where most of these shown are from.  Instead of evenly spreading ornaments around the tree, group three, five or seven ornaments together in clusters.

 Of course picks and bows are a great finishing touch.  My friend Stephanie taught me how to do these quick, cute bows...and all you do is shove them into the last empty spaces of the tree!  It's a great way to add color.  Below is a picture tutorial on how to make them (sadly, I dropped my camera halfway through and it's now broken...last two pictures are super blurry!)

Step 1...Make a loop with a decent amount of ribbon left out on the edge of the ribbon

 Step 2...Make another loop on the opposite side of the first loop, holding the center area
 Step 3...Going over the first two loops, make a third loop beneath the first loop and across and below the second loop
Step 4...Make a fourth and final loop across and above the third loop you've made.  Again, pinch the center of the bow the whole time to keep the shape.
Use flower or craft wire and wrap around the center of the bow.  Cut the other edge of the ribbon to desired length. 

To cover the wire in the middle, cut a small piece of ribbon, wrap around center area and hot glue to the back of the bow.  From there it's ready to use as decoration! 

So nice to have it decorated and ready for Santa's delivery!


  1. Linds! I adore your tree. That pic doesn't do it justice. Can't wait to see it in real life.

  2. you have the best tree ever!! I love your 12 foot tree!! so beautiful and amazing i love love love it!!!!!!!!!!