Thursday, December 15, 2011

Hanging the Lights...

...that stay up all year!  I decided to change out the light covers and bulbs in the nursery to make them more feminine. 



 Of course I would love to hang a chandelier in her room, but I'm a paranoid Mom that listens to all the guidelines to prevent SIDS.  So for the next year we'll keep the fan in her room and go from there. 

Lights covers were $2 each at Lowes!  Well worth it to me!

I also changed out the bulbs for the round, clear ones to give it a glassy look.  Inexpensive way to change the look of the light fixture!

I think I'm just about ready to finally reveal this room!  We sent the crib off for painting and it should be done next week!  Be looking the week after Christmas!  (I'm sure I'm more excited to show you than anyone else is...just humor me :)

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