Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The front porch

Last year I went all out purchasing decor for the front porch.  It was so nice to have it all this year without having to spend anything!  The investment is worth it!  In case you missed what I did last year here's the post.

My neighbors have all done an excellent job decorating for the holidays.  I'll admit our house looks very dark at night on the street!  Here's a few ideas from them...

Jenni (next door) has such cute style...I need to get permission to show off their house sometime.  Love the alpine trees and sled!

This is one of my favorite things I've seen this year.  She made it with a styrofoam letter and garland!  What a great personal touch for the Adamson home! 

We've showed off Jodi's house before but she has some fun things on the outside of her house too.  I really like the flower box they added this year and the garland and bows look great in it!

Love her wreath...I wasn't able to ask her where she got it or if she put it together on her own before I posted...I'll get the info and share.

I'm a big fan of adding wreaths anywhere and everywhere at Christmas!  Jodi's are great because they are proportionate to her larger lights. 

This is where I added wreaths to my front porch...

So exciting that Christmas is only 12 days away!  

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  1. You r so cute! Love the surprise feature :) it's always fun to add every year (or not have to spend another dime!) since decorations can add up especially with other gifts to buy. Ps. My door wreath is a put together from the Roberts twig wreath I re-purpose every holiday, plus the berry wreath I've had for years, plus 5 new hobby lobby half off silver picks I found this year. Score! Gotta love the re-purpose. Happy holidays and decorating!!