Thursday, December 29, 2011

Baby girl's room...

This has been such a fun project for me over the past few months!

I think this is my favorite part of the room.  Love how it turned out.

This wall is incomplete and will be until we have pictures of little sister.  I am making my own canvases which will hang from the other three knobs.  Also need her name for the initial to go in the other frame!

The curtains were definitely my splurge in the room but I love them!  I also like the square wreaths which I found at

This is the other half of the room...

LOVE this shelf.  I had it made by a guy in St. George whose sister helps him out and lives here in Utah County.  I need to find her info again to post for anyone who is interested...but it was only $90 for a custom, darling shelf!  Great deal!  Most of the accessories came from Taipan.  The ornamental piece on the far left was in clearance for $3!  My best find in the room!  Also love the frame underneath from Hobby Lobby...thanks Mom!

I love this light turqouise color as an accent in her room.  Don't you love the little crochet owl!  My cute friend Lindsey made it for me.

These were another fun find.  $7 from

I needed fillers on either side of the shelf so the embroidery rings worked great!  These fabrics were at the Fabric Mill in Orem.  This is a great, inexpensive way to fill space and add color in a room.

Loved this picture when I saw it...I bought it for $10 at Bijou Market.  Made by a cute company called Cinnamon Ink.  You can buy her stuff on Etsy as well.  The little banner will eventually have her name on it!  Glad I was able to tie in the fabrics on both sides of the shelf.

This was my find at Forget Me Not...$20 for a nightstand!  I had to paint it pink, but it worked out great!  I also got the lamp for $10 at Target and added a ruffle at the bottom of the shade.  My Mom has collected Madame Alexander dolls for years and this one was bought for me by my Grandma...glad I can use it now!

Now all we need is the sweet little princess to grace this room!  Should be sooner than later now!  Can't wait!


  1. Her room is absolutely perfect Linds! Love it!

  2. Adorable. Perfect for a princess!

  3. So cute Lindsey, with so many adorable girly touches!!

  4. Really cute! Can't wait until she's here and has a name. How exciting. I am curious about the fabric banner on the right side of the room. What did you do there exactly?

  5. Beautiful room! Should be in a magazine. I'm curious to know where you do your painting now that it's cold...outside,garage,basement? Spray paint, or regular?

  6. So cute! I might be a little jealous right now:) I love the curtains, good splurge.