Thursday, December 1, 2011

December 1st!

The advent calendars start today!  The second my boys were awake they were ready to find out what was hidden in bag #1.  Remember Lisa's great idea here from last year?  This makes for one of my favorite things in December!
Here's what we're doing today to kick off the countdown (and the first thing on our calendar!)

Make these cookies to help my Mom with a party she has tonight.


Read these books (all from the book order at great prices!  The top one is what they got in their first bag today!):

Now we just need some snow in Utah!  Hopefully some will come before the 25th...

On a completely different note, if you are looking to refinance we found a company that has been great to work with and got everything through very quickly.  We are closing today on our loan with a 3.950 interest rate!  Will save us about $300 a month!  We haven't tried for the longest time because we were nervous our appraisal wouldn't come in high enough and it went great!  Give it a shot!  The company we went with is American Lending Network based in Orem.  Their number is 801-223-9800.  Thanks for the recommendation from our neighbors the Bradfords! 

Merry Christmas everyone!  I hope this month is one of the best ever! 

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  1. Lindsay - we have gone through American Lending for years and absolutely love them with about 10 different loans/refinances. Saving $300 is amazing! I thought you might be going through them because the guy that does all of our appraisals was outside of your house a couple of weeks ago. Fun!!!

    Love your blog Lisa and Lindsay - look forward to reading it every day.