Monday, April 4, 2011

Oriental Trading

My four year old recently had a birthday party and I bought a bunch of the party goods from Oriental Trading.  A friend asked me where I bought everything, and when I told her she hadn't heard of it!  So I thought I'd share just in case you've never heard!  They have party supplies for just about any party you can think of!  We had a pirate party and they had the best selection, cutest items and cheapest prices among the party stores I checked out.  Here are a few things I bought...

Pirate hats...$14 for 12
Treasure chest boxes...$3.99 for 12
Swords...$10.99 for 12
Telescopes...$2.99 for 12

...and these were my favorite!  Pirate finger puppets!  They came in a set of 24 for $6.  I used them on his cake also for decoration! 

A little secret if you live near a Partyland, you can have your items shipped to their store for free!  It requires a little planning as it takes about three weeks for items to arrive...but it saves you the $10 they charge to ship!  Just write the online item numbers down, take them to the store and they have a form for you to fill out.

Happy party planning!

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  1. Thanks again linds for the party goodies!! Christian now wants a Mator Party because "I already had a pirate party mom!" He is so funny!
    Thanks for the info about partyland...good to know!!